• Amsterdam service Jam 2019

    The Amsterdam Service Jam takes place during the Global Service Jam 2019: March 29th, 30th & 31st at MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive. Be part of the movement, work together with great minds and create something new. During a jam you team up for one weekend with people from different fields and backgrounds and create something, anything! The Amsterdam Service Jam is a satellite event of the Global Jam events: About 100 Jams in different cities around the world will take place in the same weekend, all working in the same way, collaborating, learning, creating and getting to know each other.

    How we Jam?

    Have you ever seen a music Jam-Session? A group of musicians that just start playing together without having a plan, having fun, creating a new rhythm? That's what we do. With about 50 others, in only 48 hours, guided by a program and with the help of Design Thinking experts we'll develop completely fresh service concepts.

    What is Service Design?

    Service Design is a design discipline in which you use design methodologies in order to design new services. We don’t want to teach you what Service Design is, we want you to experience it. Innovate by finding new meaning and try out new methods -- Let's start creating!


    MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive.
    Marnixstraat 317, 1016TB Amsterdam.

    What do I get?

    In order to cover the expenses we ask you to buy a ticket. To keep it fair, we have a discounted price for students (€ 32,65). Normal ticket costs €48,38. This charge covers everything we need to keep you inspired, designing, watered and fed for a weekend: pens, post-its, prototyping material, space and of course food...


    Included food
    Friday: Dinner&Drinks.
    Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, (Dinner not included but we will book a nice restaurant)
    Sunday: Breakfast, Lunch
    Please contact us if you have allergies or diet restrictions.

  • Tickets

  • The Jam Experience

    *Subject to change

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    FRIDAY @ 17.30 - 21.00

    Meet, Greet & Build Teams

    On Friday evening we will all celebrate the end of the week but more important we start the fun! We open the Jam and watch the Global Video of this years theme. An organized randomizer helps to form teams of 4-6 people.


    17:30 Walk in, check in, fix internet & badge *communicate time of arrival

    18:00 Welcome Talk & Secret theme reveal

    19:00 Identify problem, brainstorm & cluster

    20:00 Dinner (delivered to MOBGEN|AI office)

    20:30 Jam Roulette to form groups

    20:45 Group intros: members & topic

    21:00 Wrap up

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    SATURDAY @ 09.00 - 18.00 + DINNER EVENT

    Go out, share your stories, understand the people, dive deep, find the jewel

    On Saturday everything is about sharing and finding the best idea. You will go out and talk to people in Amsterdam, from there you look for new opportunities and finally choose your best concept.


    At the end of the day we all go to a place to eat and talk about the day. We organize dinner, but ask you to pay this part for yourself.


    09:00 Walk in & breakfast

    09:20 Welcome & intro on the day

    09:30 Host presentation “Research & Ideation” by Brenda Lucena

    10:00 Go out! (prepare & conduct street research)

    12:30 Lunch

    13:00 Visual Thinking workshop by Yara Rietdijk

    13:30 Understand

    13:45 Ideate

    14:30 Prototype

    17:15 Status report on selected idea

    18:00 Dinner event at an external location (voluntary)

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    Sunday 09.00 - 18.00

    Create Prototypes, Validate and Present!

    On Sunday it's all about finalizing... You will share your prototype with others and let them interact with your service. Pitch it to the crowd and judges and give each other feedback.


    09:00 Walk in & breakfast

    09:20 Welcome & intro on the day

    09:30 User validation & rapid prototyping talk by Eleonora Ibragimova

    10:00 Finalise the prototype & test

    12:30 Lunch

    13:10 Business Model Talk by Yoav Farbey

    13:30 Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition framing

    14:30 Wrap up & Upload

    15:00 Get ready to present

    15:30 Presentatons start with Jury of Service Design experts

    16:15 Jury’s evaluation

    16:30 Announcement & prize giving

    17:00-18:00 Wrap up & networking time


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    Brenda Lucena

    User Research & Interviewing | Speaker

    Brenda Lucena is a Service & Innovation design consultant with more than 12 years experience in user-centered design. Brenda has worked for big corporate companies in the field of consumer goods, insurance and banking. Besides mentoring startups to succeed and find market fit.


    Brenda is also a co-author of the 'Design Thinking: Business Innovation' with more than 100.000 downloads throughout the world.

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    Yara Rietdijk (FLATLAND)

    Drawing & Sketching | Speaker

    Flatland helps teams and organizations to reduce complexity, see the bigger picture and accelerate creative processes. Drawing and visual thinking is their primary tool.

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    Jenny Shen


    Jenny Shen is a UX Consultant helping businesses innovate and designing for users in foreign markets. Her clients include Neiman Marcus, Crate&Barrel, Babylon Health, and Randstad. She frequently travels to deliver talks and workshops on the dynamic topics of cross-cultural UX, localisation and product strategy.


    In her spare time, she mentors designers under her mentorship program and develops global community strategy as the EMEA Director at Ladies that UX.


    You can follow her work on Twitter and via her newsletter.

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    David Güiza Caicedo


    David Güiza Caicedo is a Design and Innovation consultant, with more than 10 years of experience helping design agencies, startups, and big corporations create award-winning products and services.


    He has worked on projects varying from kitchen appliances, mobile and online apps, all the way to software for brain surgeons. He always gets a kick out of trying to figure out the complexities of a system/process and making sure that they are translated into a product/service that can be used and enjoyed by everyday Joes and Janes.

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    Nick Mueller


    Nick Mueller is equal parts tech-geek and user-centred design creative, a duality that he has exercised over 2+ decades of design and management experience. His working life began with interactive agencies on cross-platform projects, TV, social gaming, branding and the fledgeling WAP mobile industry. Now as Chief Design Officer at MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive, he manages the service design, product design and innovation/strategy teams. His hobby projects include NOIISE, a collaboration to explore the future of sound design and audio production tools & the ‘Smartify project’, a global AI platform for discovery and sharing of art.

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    Yoav Farbey

    Business Models | Speaker

    Yoav Farbey is the Product Lead and Business Design expert at MOBGEN | Accenture interactive. Through out his career he has been involved in launching products to market, helping clients identify the right direction for their business offerings & has lead many ideation workshops. His first launch was the software development company he established while in university. His latest is the app to help budding facilitators and service designers run workshops. This is was the Enso, it’s live now & available for free.

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    Eleonora Ibragimova

    Concept Validation & Prototyping | Speaker


    Eleonora Ibragimova is Lead UX at MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive, where she is enabling global companies to accelerate their digital innovation agenda by understanding their end-users better and finding optimal solutions using a design thinking approach. Throughout her career, she has created interfaces for clients as NS, Aegon, Knab, ABN AMRO, Van Lanschot, Shell and PLUS, among others. She has conducted over 100 usability testing studies. In her spare time, she writes about her thoughts and experiences on design-related topics on her Medium and MOBGEN|AI blog.

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    Israel Barros



    Israel Barros is the Service Design Lead at MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive, where he applies his over 12+ years of experience and diverse creative background to design the digital innovation, solutions and experiences of tomorrow. Using design as the final expression of great thinking, he explores all design resources, methodologies, processes, principles and creativity to speak his mind out and loud, creating world-class user centred experiences.

  • People

    Organizer - tickets

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    Organizer - AGENDA

    organizer - CONTENT & SPeaker lead

    Organizer - Content & PROMOTION

    organizer - communication

    Organizer - JURY Lead & FOOD

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    organizer - PHOTO & VIDEO PRODUCTION


    We will be hosted this year by MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive

    You can take Tram 13 or 17 from Amsterdam Central Station or Tram 5 from Amsterdam South station

  • HOST 2019

    Interested in becoming a partner for 2019? Contact us on amsterdamservicejam@gmail.com. It could be the beginning of something great!

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    MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive

  • Volunteer

    We are always looking for helping hands!

    Energizer expert or KitchenHero? Mail us: Amsterdamservicejam@gmail.com

  • FAQ's

    Are we going to work on projects that we bring to market on monday?

    If you think you can, we encourage that off course! However, it is most important that you take the opportunity to try out and learn from each other. We encourage to bring your ideas further and will also ask you to plan that.

    I would really like to join but I have band rehearsal on Saturday afternoon ...

    Being part of a team means we would like you to be present throughout the weekend, but if you don't want to miss the experience and your team is ok with it, we will not let you down. Just let us know, we might be able to work something out! If you are unavailable for all of Saturday, it might be better to come and watch the final pitches on Sunday afternoon so you don't disappoint your team members.

    What do I get for 32,65 – 48,38 Euro's?

    You pay to cover the expenses of the weekend and are able to meet new interesting people and create new refreshing ideas. We provide food and drinks during the days and also prototyping materials. A small price for the security needs to be covered.

    I have a challenge related to my job (at a big corporate company) that I would love to work on, can I come in and work on that?

    We'd rather that you didn't, we want you all to learn to get inspired from each other and work on ideas based on insights from fieldwork. However, this might be the opportunity to meet creative and interesting partners in solving your big work problem!

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